Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend with Ethan

.: Two weekends ago was a bit crazy. My buddy Ethan's car did die in Yreka so he ended staying from Thursday through Monday. Which sucked for him but was awesome for me. We got to have some fun around Ashland, eat some food and drink some wine. Was a good time. After we got his car fixed he took off on his way.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seattle Kids

.: How I love long weekends, especially when friends are involved. My buddy Tim came down to Ashland with his lady Kate (Kate's parents live here too) so we got to hang out. We went out for cocktails on Saturday and then went to the parade on Monday. Was pretty epic times. Makes me miss Seattle a bit much but Ashland is a killer town to hurray for that :) I'm trying to find time to go up to Seattle for a week or something, but time is a hard things to find, so is money...

.: But on the same note, another friend Ethan is moving to Vancouver BC and is stopping here tonight as a waypoint. Well hopefully, he just called me saying check engine light came on in Yreka. He's got a mountain range to get over before he hits Ashland and there isn't "much" in between here and there... I'm hopeful and excited :)