Tuesday, November 9, 2010


.: Last night I was pretty bored... TF2 wasn't going well for me... Ally was super tired and wanted her space... So I went to my man cave... Ally had gotten home from Medford and said that she was gonna get a cable case to manage all her computer cords but didn't get it for some reason. She said she wanted one for a long while. Well... I have a sewing machine and left over canvas... I can make her one... Why not... So I pulled everything out... sketched out a REALLY rough design and starting cutting... Sewed it together with only a couple messes... After not using the machine for a year, I was really pumped that I could thread it and get it going at all.. I'm SURE that it will fall apart due to some weak sewing skills, for for the time being, you can put cables in the pockets, fold the top flap down and roll it up... Pretty cool I think. :)

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