Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to Climbing

Ahhh getting back to one of my old hobbies, gym rock climbing. Found a climbing gym up in Phoenix (Oregon not Arizona) which is like 15 minutes north from me. I was pumped so I invited a friend (Ryan) to go with me to check it out. Ryan told me "Why not goto the one on campus?"..... There is one ON CAMPUS?! SWEET! I bugged a different friend (Curtis) to come with me as Ryan was busy or something. Don't remember. The gym is small... The size of a racket ball court (cuz it is one that was renovated). But it's close... really close.. down the hill... And cheap.. $65 for a year.... I've gone 3 times now, so in my mind I've paid half of it off already! I've done most of the bouldering routes already but hey, for next to nothing and for it being 2 minutes away, I'm happy. There are top roping routes that I have yet to do and I'm meeting peeps. The guys that work there are cool and nice. The peeps I've been climbing with are upbeat and I can actually help some of them. A couple of them and I have been playing Tim & my game named "Who can do this route using the fewest holds"... That's a lot of fun :)

Well.. back to doing pointless stuff...

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