Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh Come On!

.: I was feeling pretty motivated today so I decided to go on a little bike ride. Went up the main trail toward Medford. After 5 miles on the road, *thunk*, *thunk*, *thunk*..... flat tire.. Oh well. Pulled out my extra tube and my co2.. Filled and got back on the road.. Pulled off and went to the bike shop that is just off the trail and picked up another tube and co2... Started off again and had to stop after running over some bumps that messed up my alignment on my back tire... Started YET AGAIN.. and flew up the trail stopping short of Medford by a little.

.: Coming home was nice. It was pretty much up hill the whole way but nothing horrible. And then, like a mile from my other flats, *thunk* *thunk*.... You have got to be kidding! Ok, I just went over some bad bumps and my tire was completely flat, maybe I just knocked air out. So I flagged another biker down and borrowed his pump so I didn't kill my co2 on a dead tire.. Didn't work. So I thanked the guy and pulled out my spare and fixed it up.. AGAIN... and got back on the road.

.: Made it home without any more issues.. 25 miles, 2 flats and a great ride later.. Screw the flats.. It was nice..

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