Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hangin with Louie and Ash

.: Couple weekends ago Ally and I went up to New Glarus to hang out with Louie and Ashley and dang was that a fun time. We started off at the bakery for some yumminess (thanks Sarah and Steve for the heads up on that one) and then a coffee shop to get some coffee and chat. Ally got a bit sun burnt there as we were hang out outside. After coffee we headed to the brewery for a tour and some tasting time :) That was awesome.. Yummy Yummy beers. Ended up buying a case+.

.: We took off and went up to Madison for Brat Fest. I got a veggie brat which was yummy. We hung out some, more eating and chatting, people watching and simply enjoying the day. We decided to catch a movie so we went to Star Cinemas to see Price of Persia. Good flick. Action filled but the bad guy was apparent from the beginning (though I thought there were two bad guys..).. idk I enjoyed it..

.: We left there and went to get some dinner. Had a great wine and wonderful food.. Was a great end to an awesome day. Ally and I went home happy. :)

Move Part 1 Finished

.: Ally and I finally have all our stuff off the 13th floor and crammed into our new "apartment" on the 11th floor. Sooo many boxes.. We lost our silverware in a box somewhere.. We were doing great in labeling and documenting where everything is but the last couple days things, well things just fell apart. We were just trying to get everything out... I was super super tired and lifting boxes pushed me to my limit.. I ended up just kicking some clothes bags down the stairs cuz I couldn't deal with it anymore... *sigh* It is stressing me out just thinking about it..

.: But now we're waiting for part 2 of the move; loading up the moving truck and getting it on the road.. Part 3 is us driving cross country... So so much yet to do but we'll get it done somehow.