Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On The Road Again

.: Oh man... Moving time again.. Another 2000+ mile move... But this time, I have a partner in moving! Downside, just means more stuff to box... Upside, someone else help plan and move stuff.. Ally got a job in Ashland Oregon at SOU, starts on July first.. Puts our moving date on June 23rd.. hittin the road again... I can't believe I'm on the road again. We're gettin quotes from moving companies to move our stuff out for us.. We got a front runner but nothing reserved yet.. *sigh*

.: I am excited to be moving out of Illy. Sad to leave my new friends here.. Pumped for new opportunities.. Nervous about starting all over again.. Really pumped to learn how to build a bike (there is a bike frame school out there).. Disappointed that the new apartment has less space.. Super happy about the fact that we'll have a patio!!

.: Mixed bag of stuff.. Overall, I'm happy.. just nervous about getting there..

Finally Did It

.: I was on a ride today.. Went north on a nice frontage road with a big shoulder. To put the cherry on top, it was not very busy.. That being said, it was super windy (head wind). I really enjoyed the first half of my ride. Pushed me hard but not to the breaking point. It was funny that I choose that route cuz I turned north into the way of a rain storm. It didn't rain on me though, which was nice. The road dropped me on 1st ave which I knew the way home on.. I took it in and at a red light it happened.. I started to track stand to wait out the light and then....... boom..... I hit the pavement.. I just fell over with my feet clipped in... First time for everything... I was hoping I could skip that first but nope. Couldn't declip and down I went. *sigh*