Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wedding Blog Is Up

Hey guys, for those who want to follow what Ally and I are doing for our wedding we have a blog going at:

Please feel free to comment on anything on there. It should be a good time though!

Vacy and Weddings

Spring Break came and went. Ally and I took off to California's Santa Cruz/Big Sur area. Oh man was it amazing! I went into Chicago to pick Ally up from TPE and we went to the Hampton Inn to set us up to get to Midway the next morning (Hampton Inn has a $20 parking pass so you can park there for 14 days well worth the room rate). We got up and caught the 7am shuttle to the airport and by 7:30 we were at our gate.......... Definitely not Slow'Hare... I really didn't know what to do with myself.. Oh well.. Hurray for Midway. The flight was fine.. Ally and I watched Devil Wears Proda and before we knew it we landed. Got our bags and caught the shuttle to the rental cars and picked up my little Chevy Aveo. Not a great car but it was cheap.

We drove over the wonderful "hill" to Santa Cruz, bought some wine and found our way to Dave and Judy's house were our adventure begins.

The first day was hanging out in Santa Cruz, going to cafes and stores and generally showing Ally around my old home. Then we went wine tasting with Nico and Sarah and hung out. It was a good first day.

Day two was spent in San Francisco with Nico. Sara didn't want to join as she was going to San Fran the next day (after already being there the day before). Nico showed us around and was a GREAT tour guide. The day grew cold and we went back to Santa Cruz tired but extremely satisfied.

Day three was spent on a hike along the beach and then to a private wine tasting at Alfaro's where I got to do my very first barrel tasting. Oh mannnn that was sweet. He's an amazing guy! Huge thanks goes out to him for opening the place up on a day off so we could taste. I brought back 3 bottles from him. Yummy yummy yummy. But the day wasn't over as I took everyone out to Soif for dinner that night. More good wine and some great food. I love that place, you can never go wrong with anything you pick.

Day four had Ally and I going off to Monterrey Bay and it's aquarium. I always enjoy that, though it was a little lame since there were 9,000 school field trips that day and way to many kids shouting. We still had fun though. We left and went down to Big Sur and checked into Glen Oaks. What a sweet place. We had a nice cabin with a fireplace and a huge bathroom (seriously it was an awesome bathroom). It's located right in the middle of Big Sur. A+ is all I'll say. That night we went out to dinner at Nepenthe where we had some lovely food and got to watch the sun set over the Pacific. Soooo amazing.

Day five was filled with missions. Mission one: go to a cute little cafe for breakfast. Check. Mission two: go to a waterfall. Check (was a nice little one and the hike to it was easy and lovely). Mission three: go to the red sand beach. Negatory. We ran up against a raging stream that had swelled from the rain we had previously. New plan, go to the point at the same place. Check. Nice little hike to a pretty overlook of where I wanted to go. Mission four: Ask Ally to marry me! Check!!! After calming down my nerves and stumbling a little, I got down on my knee and looked at Ally and said "To many more checklists. Will you marry me?" Boom.. Done.. Ally's response, "Are you serious?"........... ummmm... yes.... yes I am.... lol.. but she said yes and I'm now engaged! Hot sauce!

Day six was just driving back to Santa Cruz and rocking dinner with everyone. I did get to see Gobi and Sofi though which I'm super pumped about!

Day seven "The Way Home". We got up, packed, and took off for San Jose. I stopped to get gas per the rental agreement on my car. Dropped the car off and......... where did my wallet go?! I had it when I stopped for gas 5 minutes ago.... NO where to be found. Alamo peeps drove me over to the gas station... nothing..... Ohhhh Noooooo... How do you fly with no ID.... Crap... So after searching everywhere... I went into the airport and asked the ticket counter... They said security would let me though with a bunch more searches and things... Went to security... gave them my checkbook and my debit card (the only things left)... and after having the head of security check them, they let me through?!??!?!? Hotness!! go to the metal detector... and I set it off... get the full pat down... why? cuz I forgot to take off my watch because I was sooo worried about just getting to that point.. oh well.. Got through and flew home...

All in all, a great vacation!