Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My New Wheels!

.: John hooked me up with some killer wheels! They look killer on my Bianchi... This shot if funny cuz I don't have the gears so I just kinda put the chain on there.. and my bike computer is on my rear stay.. but whateve' it's still super sexy! Thanks John for them.. They are liiiiiiiight (though the gears are gonna add some weight) I can't wait till spring when I can bring this baby out on the roads again :)

Illy Winter 2, Dan's Pride 0

.: I hate snow and the cold and winter in general. I don't mind visiting cold places, I just don't want to live in them... I moved to Illy for Ally cuz she's my love and I didn't want to be away from her.. but dang it.. I hate the snow... So last week I had to put more money on my card so I could do laundry... The place you do that is a block or two away, so I just hopped on my bike... Got there no problem... Put the money on... Hopped back on and splat... Down I go... I was rounding a corner with one of the university golf carts right behind me... I was nervous with that thing behind me so I was going a bit faster than I really wanted to be going and ice can really just mess your day up... I bounced off the ground and got back on my bike and road off.. No harm no foul...

.: Fast forward to today... I was coming home from the bike shop where I had just picked up some rim tape for my new wheel set.. I was crossing the rail road tracks, making sure to take them at enough of an angle so as to not get my wheels stuck on a rail........... failed......... Down I went.. In traffic... slammed my hand into the road and jammed my thumb and scrapped my knee.. Suckkkkk... Got back up and road off before anything else could happen.... My knee throbbing and not knowing if my thumb was broken or not I peddled home and hung up my bike to clean it off... Found out that my knee was ok and even though my thumb hurt like heck, it seems to be fine, full range of motion and it's not tender to the touch..

.: My bike (Pops) is fine after both crashes.. I messed up part of my peddle but I just wrenched it back into position.. pretty bitter though.. they are sexy peddles.. I should change them out for less sexy ones for the winter... Oh well..

Trip to Wisconsin

.: I got a weekend pass to go up to Wisconsin and visit friends :) Hurray for road trips!! I started out in Madison with my buddy Cha and her twin sis' Coral. We had lunch at Red Robbins and it was a blast. We chatted about everything and made the waitress a bit annoyed at us since we were there for something like 2 hours and the place was packed. I tried to make it up to her by leaving a good tip. It was awesome to see Cha again after something like 2 years(?) either way a long ass time....

.: The it was off to Budsin to hang with my hometown/Seattle buddy Ethan. We rocked out on some killer homemade fetachini alfredo! Ethan knows how to roll some amazing noodles :) We had some Old Monk and tonics... I heart Old Monk.. I heart that I know where to buy it now! Ray's Liquor and Wine in Wauwatosa. The have always had a supply if anyone is in the area and wants some amazing rum (and I hate rum).

.: The next morning Joe showed up and we got to hang out for a couple hours. Man I miss hangin with him.. We caught up on his crazy life. Chatted about what's new with me. Generally we just hung out by the lake.

.: After I took off from Budsin I went down to Madison to catch some dinner with Nora and pick up my new wheel set for my bike. Nora and I rocked out at The Old Fashioned on the capital square. I had a sad sandwich that if it hadn't been for the KILLER cheese curds and the decent fries I might have been disappointed. In the end, it was great conversation and ok food.

New Camera! Part 2

.: Ohhh to have a "real" camera again! My wonderfully new Canon 50D... It's soooooo nice.. I still need a better lens for it as the one that comes with it is, well "ok" but it's got a variable f-stop depending on the zoom and even though it has a image stablizer, it could be better. It will work until I save up more money to buy the lens I want. But it's awesome to have a solid camera that I can set the f-stop and shutter speed on again. Throw in that I can white balance again... ahhhhhhh to white balance photos...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Crazy Month of December

.: Dang, December flew by. I must have driven to Wisconsin a half dozen times at least. Sister's, brothers, work, Ally's family were all on the destination list. I racked up quite a few miles on the new car. It still is running well and I'm still happy with the purpose.

.: So notable notes of the past month. I got some killer biking gear for Christmas. Pretty happy with that. Ally and I rearranged the apartment. I had my first Christmas tree :) Pretty stoked about that. Finally moved one step closer to selling the old Intripid. Saw Rent live in Milwaukee.

.: I'm getting ready to have a photo show in March. That's pretty exciting for me. First time I've shown anyone my art in ages.

.: I've been working a few freelance jobs for an old friend. That's been really good for me. I like to have new and fun challenges :)

.: A site I've worked on was in the New York Times. Thousands of people have now seen my work. Talk about a highlight of my work. We raised a ton of money for a great cause and my website held up to the beating!

.: Other than that, I've been busy planning a trip out to Santa Cruz for spring break. A ski trip with my buddy Louie. And generally just keeping busy. Life is good and I'm pretty happy. Minus the fact that I haven't slept very well recently.