Monday, November 23, 2009

The Dekalb Apt

.: Ahh.. So many people have asked to see what Ally and My apartment looks like.. And with my new camera with the auto stitch feature it was super easy... Click and sweep! Boom.. Granted I had to bring them into photoshop to correct the levels a bit. It wanted to make them a bit to bright.. Oh well.. So this is our apartment! Yeah!! Well just the office, living room, kitchen and bike work room. Not the bedroom and bathroom.. cuz.. itz a bedroom and bathroom... lol...

Ohhhh New Camera...

.: Ohhh.. New camera.. My last camera wasn't that great, the one before that got dropped and died. The bunch before that were all lent to me or works.. So I needed new camera that was "better" then my iPhone. I say "better" because a camera that you always have with you (your phone) is just really awesome.. And it can upload to Facebook... But, the quality is missing on an iPhone. So I got this sony.. Why sony? It has a backlight CMOS chip on a POINT AND SHOOT! How awesome is that... I took the pic of Ally below with no flash and just the room's bad lighting... I like it.. it also has an auto panoramic mode that you just sweep the landscape and booom.. auto big pic.. quality isn't wonderful but realllllly quick and spiffy..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Year

.: Ally and I celebrated our one year together! How amazing is that. This is my first year anniversary ever, so it is a huge deal for me. I made reservations at Wildwood Resturant in Geneva. Wow great food! Had some swordfish with a spicy sauce. Really good!

.: Ally got me a flask with an engraving on it and I got her a couple 11x14 photos of us together. I'd post pics but I'm super tired right now.

.: Basically I had a great 1 yr anniversary! Yeah us

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Man...

.: September and October were crazy months.. I've been working on some freelance stuff.. My brother got married! I turned 27.. I bought a car.. I sat around the apartment.. I worked... I laughed and cried........ wait a moment, this isn't a graduation speech.. oh suck it..

.: So the big things, John and Nora got married. Holy balls. John, my little brother, got married to a wonderful lady, my new sister Nora. How jacked am I?! I stood up in my first wedding and held a shit eating grin on my face the whole time. The ceremony was awesome. The reception was great. I got to see my cousin again and my Aunt and Uncle who I miss dearly. I got to see my parents and my grandma and grandpa which was a treat. And I spent most of the night drinking scotch. Yesssss.. For John's bachelor party we went up to the north woods and John did a mountain bike race and Chase and I drank and watched. I hung out with the Trek team who are awesome peeps. And that night the groomsmen and John had scotch and cigars and sat around a campfire. That was awesome!

.: I bought a new car. A 2009 Honda Fit Sport w/ Nav to be exact. It was an experience to go and test drive new cars and research the heck out of all of them. I was torn between a VW and a Honda, but the VW dealer sucked and the Honda Love prevailed. Cars are really expensive and one that long ago I was thinking of getting rid of my car altogether but living in the midwest again changed that concept. I needed to get around and when the check engine light came on in the Interpid, it was time to move on. For the record, it went off again right after it came on, it was just telling me I had low oil.

.: Other than that, life here has been pretty normal. Ally and I have had a couple dinner parties which are a lot of fun. I've been hangin out at the cafe a lot. I've been bored quite a bit too. But OPE opened registration and Ally is number 5002. Rock on (for those who don't know, candidates start at 5000 so she was the third person to register). We're working on getting back out to the west coast and that makes me super happy.

.: I turned 27 a couple days ago. Hurray.. I went out in Madison on the 30th with coworkers for some wine. Always a great time! Thanks to all those who came out. And then on the 31st with family for dinner and drinks! Was a lot of fun. The day had an awkward start as we forgot to check the badger game schedule so our first choice of breakfast places was packed so we went to Lazy Jane's on Willy St and ran into my ex-gf there who is back from the peace corp. Sooooo awkward! But oh well. We all moved on. The day was a nice little day and I had a great birthday weekend with everyone!

.: With that I'll leave you with this video....

Training Day

Got a trainer for my bike from my bro! Gettin ready for the winter monthes in the cold and crappy Midwest.. Tried it out and dang is it a workout!! Drippin sweat after 30 minutes.. But atleast I can attempt to stay in shape :)

New car!

I got a new car! How about that.. A 2009 Honda Fit sport.. She's a lot of fun let me tell you... Not exactly quick but gets great gas mileage. Been getting 38ish on average. Still searching for a name but I'm feelin Natalia or Nat for short. Yeah for doing grown-up things!