Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moving? Where?

.: Itz that time again.. Time to do a major move.. This time to DeKalb... DEKALB?! Illinois... I'm gonna be a FIB... I really can't believe I'm leaving my beautiful, wonderful, pleasant Seattle.. Leaving it for the snowy wasteland of the home of barbwire.. But I go to be with my love.. She will keep me warm.. Atleast I hope.. lol.. Closing up shop here means getting rid of a couple things.. Get a moving company.. So many things to tie up here.. Being sick isn't helping at all... But still moving forward with everything.. By August 1st, I'll be a FIB (Friendly Illinois Brethern) :).. Wish me luck on everything!

Stolen Identity?!?!

.: I got a phone call when I was at the bike shop. A 414 number.. I was a little leary of taking it, but I answered it anyway.. Glad I did.. It was US Bank's Fraud Department. Someone had got a hold of my debit card number and purchased a bunch of random stuff on the internet... They stopped payment on everything and reversed charges.. Cancelled my card (which I was going to use to buy my bike.. but I have others..).. Dang.. Same day as the fraud, things got resolved.. Hurray!! Still sucks that it happened.. New passwords on all my accounts.. Blah...

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Bike!!

.: It doesn't have a name yet.. so if you have any ideas.. let me know.. I'll be going on a ride tomorrow to see if it tells me anything.. My first Bianchi.. A Bianchi Volpe.. Apparently itz Italian for Fox.. but thatz unconfirmed. Much thanks to Gregg's Cycle in Greenlake and Devin for getting me the hook-ups!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Local Reading

I stopped in at Borders this past week looking for a book for work and what did I get? A good laugh at Dekalb's expense... A huge area set aside for local books with only a few to fill it