Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Google Maps Fail

Looking for a place to get my oil changed in a city I don't know so I googled oil change in Dekalb found a place. Punched it up on google maps and drove to where it said and....... Nope not there.. Drove around in a circle for a couple times.. Decided to give up and boom there it is.. Oh well google maps, better luck next time.

Upate appartly I'm leaking gas...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back from Neshkoro

.: Went up to neshkoro this weekend to give Ally a tour of where I grew up.. Fun times as we stumbled around the area trying to run into as many people as we could.. I dropped in on the Allured's and got all caught up. Then I stopped in at the coffee mill and called Bill who was on his way to a HA trip.

.: Then it was off to my old house... As we drove up there was someone working on a boat in the circle part of the driveway so I pulled up, got out and introduced myself and told him that I used to live there and went to introduce Ally who came up and hugged Will (the guy I just meet). After I picked my jaw up off the floor Ally to me that Will was the husband of her old church youth group leader!!! Small world!

.: After that it was off to Harley's then back into town to hang out.. Party back at Harley's with the gang and then crashed at Joe's place.. Breakfast at Nappy's where I ran into Casey and family and back to Illy.. Good weekend