Tuesday, May 19, 2009


.: I'm in Cali!!!! Yeah!! Santa Cruz... The beach... The sun.. The wonderfulness of it all.. My Aunt and Uncle were very kind to allow me to crash at their house for a week while I work and adventure around... I miss this town... It's so much fun and I really missed my family here. I'm trying to get out and visit people while I'm here so we'll see how that goes..

.: Fun travel note.. If you fly into San Jose... You get to de-plane through both the front and back... so amazing.. take that first class douches.. (Not you Nikki. You're kewl.. )..

.: I got in and went on a bike ride/wine tasting/art fair adventure right off that bat.. Got to see Sofi at work and eat some fro-yo.. Had tosata night... how is it they are just so much better here compared to when I make them? idk... Got to work at Caffe Perg'... I love that place.. Today I worked from David and Judy's.. Learned how to make beans their way.. I still have 4.5 days left!! what else am I going to get to do?! Who knows.. I'm having fun though..