Monday, April 27, 2009

New Blog

.: I started a new blog.. I'm going to keep both of these "up-t0-date".. The other one is at and is a collection of various graphics that I've been working on, or looking at (but only stuff I make goes on it).. so if you want to follow my graphical adventures, feel free to follow that one as well...

Visiting Ally for Easter

.: I know, I know, it's been a long time since I posted anything. Not like any of you guys post things on your blogs (I check). The big story is I went back to the Mid-worst for Easter. I flew in to Chi-town and then waited around for Ally to get in so we could take the bus up to Kenosha to visit with my sister and bro-in-law.. That was WONDERFUL.. Minus some allergy issues.. But I love seeing Rach and Joe.. I got to introduce Ally to them and that went well I feel... Sunday, Ally and I boarded a train bound for Chi-town and then another to get to DeKalb.. These were my first 2 train rides since I was about 5.. I was pretty f'ing pumped..

.: When we got into DeKalb we unpacked and relaxed.. The week blew by so quickly it's just a blur at this point.. Though I did get to meet BIC group that Ally advises.. They are a nice group of kids..

.: Then on Friday it was time for some more trains.. We trained it from DeKalb to Chi-town and then Amtracked it from Chi-town to Milwaukee.. We got in and Ally's sister Lindsay picked us up with her boyfriend Jon. We went to Ally's Dad's place where I meet Walter... Walt and I got along real quick.. We had a bunch of things in common; biking, wood working, humor, cooking. We had a HUGE dinner.. Enough to feed about 20 people... we had 6... Jonathan put a huge dent in it.. That boy can eat.. but in the end, the food won..

.: The next day Ally's dad and I went on a bike ride. All I can say about that is bonding time. Especially over yelling at idiot drivers. After that Ally, Lindsay, Jon and I went to meet up with Ally's other sister Clare and her boyfriend Sam for breakfast at Beans and Barley (?). Yummy... After that, it was coffee with Aunt Debbie and then off to babysit Ally's 4 yr old cousins.. They are cute and FULL of energy.. Holy wow... No sugar required.. Though they do love soy beans... good kids..

.: Easter Sunday Ally and I got up for sunrise service... 6am is a bit early for service for me.. but we went and it was nice... We got home and cooked and relaxed and went over the Aunt Cheryl's and Lynn's house (The parents of the 2 small ones Anna and Ian) to meet the rest of the family.. After a few moments I felt at home and talked to most of everyone.. Didn't get much time to talk to the grandparents or some of the Aunts/Uncles.. But I managed to leave with my wits in tacked and feeling actually really good about the first meeting...

.: Ally and I got back on the trains and went back to DeKalb... That week flew by too and before you know it I was waking up in Seattle again.. 2 weeks with my Ally and it seemed both like 2 years and 2 days all at once... We did so much.. Lots of fun..