Friday, March 27, 2009

Auto Code Formatting..

.: Let's just start off this by saying that I dislike 95% of all the automatic code formatting plug-ins for the various programs I use.. Sometimes they are nice.. but most of the time they leave you with crap you can't read... I rewrote the how the one works in Editplus so it conformed to the way I create webpages.. But there are some programs you can't turn it off or change it.. it does what it wants to do.. Most of the time I'm ok with it in the end.. I keep original files so I never edit the code after it formatted it into whatever it wants to... However, my sql managing software that I use, creatively named "SQL Manager", 'compiles' certain code and in doing so it puts it in 'read-able' format.... yeah... right.... it would be fine if it understood how people read... whatever... I recently ran into an issue with a sql view that pretty much defines the heart of a project I work on.. it takes all the various bits of information from around the database and piles them into one area.. really really handy.. but it was taking forever to run.. humm... My buddy/co-worker Peter took a look at it and yelled at me for using a stored proc to feed the view it's data.. I was a bit confused.. but whatever.. if you moved the sql query into the view definition it speed it up by 2x... so from now on I don't make stored procs to make views.. lesson learned... but when you have my really really way to long sql query in the view definition you get the following output from the auto code formatter.. I'm going to overlook that it actually somehow messes up the actual syntax of the query (yet somehow still works....)... It looks rediculous and it COMPLETELY unreadable.. My buddy Jack put it best "looks like a source code's suicide note! 'good bye crueld world.... arghhh....'" .. Nice..


I missed it this year.. but I want to at least attend next year.. if not compete..

Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament 2007 from Cut&Paste on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ally's Visit!

.: Ally had her spring break this past week and came out to see me!! What fun! We cooked, went out, rode bikes, and went to meet the parents in Tillamook..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Skiing Last Weekend

.: This past weekend I went skiing with Tim, his dad, Devin and DC.. good times!! It had snowed during the week, which it hadn't snowed in a long time... So we had fresh powder to play with.. I only went skiing twice last year and this was my first time out this year.. Dang.. it's so much fun.. I've tried to figure out why it's so much fun to strap on two planks and throw yourself down a hill, but I failed.. It doesn't make any sense.. but it is.. Love it..

.: The second day was the more interesting day of the weekend.. I was getting more and more brave and in going down a route that an off-duty ski patrol guy showed me, I crashed.. hard.... went off a jump and caught my ski tips in a snow bank (very very low contrast and I didn't see it) which threw me into another snow bank head first.. landed hard on my head.. pretty much hyperextended my neck and cut my face up.. Ouch.. I got up and skiied away from it.. Nerves shaken but alive and mostly well.. The rest of the day I worked on form and accidentally finding new WAYYY to difficult places on the hill.. but the irony is that I didn't crash the rest of the day even though I was on harder stuff...

.: All in all, it was an amazing weekend even if I am in recovery the rest of this week...

.: Me.. First Day.. Feeling good..

.: Easiest way day is to HIKE up a hill to go down a "More Difficult"... lol... Orion wasn't that bad.. was actaully pretty nice..

.: Tim representing..

.: At the crash site.. The ski patrol offered to take a picture..

.: Sporting my battle wounds at the end of the day..