Friday, February 20, 2009

I hate you Flash!!

.: For those who don't use Adobe/Macromedia's Flash.. You will probably not understand this rant.. but for the select group of people who have, this might make sense to you.. I've been trying to make a collection of photos that when you click on one in the background, it will come to the front.. Great.. sounds easy (apart from the dynamic loading part and actually putting them in a border that resizes and displaying 3 sets of information.. yeah.. easy)... But the problem is that Flash's built in function getNextHighestDepth() works like ass.. It really doesn't work the way you would think it would.. or it doesn't in my little world.. Add on top the most useless function ever swapDepths() and I found myself pulling out my hair.. (the little I have left)... A google search or two later, I found this script below (well kinda, I changed it for my uses) on ( And it WORKS!!! It returns the highest depth! Thank the Lord!!! Granted it might not work with large N, but for my 2 depth demo it worked just fine.. I'll load a couple hundred and see how she works.. YEAH!!

function highestDepth(){
var curr, high = undefined;
for (var clip in _root){
if (!isNaN(curr = this[clip].getDepth()) ){
if (curr > high || high == undefined) high = curr;
return high;

Thursday, February 5, 2009


.: Oh, forgot to post this.. I made a twitter account to try it out.. not sure how long I'll doing it, but if you want to follow me on twitter I'm at

.: For those who don't know what twitter is, itz a 'micro-blog'.. you are limited to 140 letters.. The concept is that you'll post more times, about stuff you're doing right now.. instead of a normal blog which is normally a longer article..

Movies in Time

.: I was having problems sleeping last night and in one of my half awake moments I revisited one of my favorite topics to waste time on, If you brought a modern day movie back in time, either to the time it was representing or just back in time in general, how would it be received? Take for example one of my favorite movies, Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge (2001, Bazmark Films). I love this film.. It's amazing on so many levels. The sound track rocks! The graphics are never an after thought, heck the credits are one of my favorite parts of the movie.. just how the style is kept even in such a minimal piece of the film.. it's still awesome! The wardrobe is amazing.. Just a great movie.. But put it back in time when the songs they used weren't written and you didn't have any connection to them or more importantly context to them, would it be so cool? Roxanne is just a dance in the brothels? The song that launched the grunge movement into mainstream is reduced to sound bights and the remix is lost.. Would it still be PG-13? How much has society been numbed to what we watch in movies? It's a fun topic to ponder about because there is not correct answer.. You could conjecture but you'll never have a firm answer just because it's so different from what they had seen at the time.. Just something to think about.

Random Graphic Design Image

.: I find the call between the art director and illustrator reallly reallllly funny.. the rest.. eh.. but a good illustration all around..