Friday, January 30, 2009

Match Savings!

.: Finally after many months of planing, programming and committee work, Match Savings is up! It looks pretty and is for a good cause! | save for change

" helps poor people in developing countries to open savings accounts in their local credit unions. Contributions from people like you and me match their savings to help these impoverished people accumulate enough money to afford their children's school fees, install indoor plumbing, cover the costs of basic healthcare or even start a microbusiness."
.: If you have a moment and a couple buck, help out the less fortunate.. Read their stories and help them out. You can give any amount, because any amount is helpful! World Council of Credit Unions (where I work) is running this program via our non-profit arm so all donations are tax-deductible!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Kilo of Tea?

.: So a co-worker sent me a gift of tea today from Kenya. Sweet!! I love tea!! Great gift and I'm super pumped about it.. I got it and itz A KILO of TEA!!!! lol... Thatz a lot tea... If you look at the picture below, the small bag is what I normally get (2 oz or 56 grams).. The big ziplock bag is a 1000 grams..

.: So after mildly freaking out about how much tea that is.. I did a quick count of all the tea I currently have.. the total kind of surprised me.. I have 2.6 kg of tea before this package.. now I have 3.6 kg.. That is a TONNNNNNNN of tea.. *giggles* Anyone up for a tea party?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Zebe Jr

.: After spending a bunch of money and learning a TON about bikes and the various craziness that is working on them.. Zebe rolls again.. This time as a single speed 42Tx18T freewheel and as Zebe Jr. Itz kinda like riding a sports car.. Itz rough and a bit touchy.. Responsive.. and sexy as hell.. :)

Peach or Orange

.: Is this peach, orange or both.. I hate being colourblind

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Years!

.: Ahh New Years.. A time of renewal.. A time of new beginings.. Wait.. Seriously... We're celebrating time elapsing as it always does? Oh well.. If my education from Oshkosh has taught me anything, its take EVERY opportunity to throw a party.. Clocks changing, people coming, people going, the fact that the day ended in a "y", whatever works right? Hehe..

.: But this new years I got to celebrate with Ally.. She flew out and we hung out for a few days.. I showed her around Seattle.. Enjoyed eachother's company.. It was an amazing time.. It was really hard to see her go.. I just have to look forward to the next time we get to see eachother..

.: So lets start a new year and enjoy ourselves!

Family Time!

.: So catching up with important events.. I flew out to see Nora graduate college.. and then John decides to ask her to marry him? Hotness!! I have a new sister (well two if you include Nora's sister Kristen) We're now even in the Guys to Girls ratios.. 3 guys: 3 girls.. (Sorry Ally, you're not related.. yet.. which is really gonna through the ratio.. 3 guys to 6 girls?! what! Lol)

.: Then John, Rachel and Joe all flew out here and crashed at my pad! That was fun!! I love having my family crash with me :) We drove down to Tillamook for Christmas.. That was interesting.. I need to fix my car's windshield wipers. But it's really not on the to do list. We came back and hung out here for a bit.. John flew out then Rachel and Joe.. Ahhh family times.. I miss hangin with my sis and bro.. Gooooood peeps..

Sexy New Bike Parts

.: I know I'm gonna get random google search results because of my title so for all of those of you get here because of that, I'm sorry.. but I got a new front rim and tire for my single speed. my bike is back to being sexy..

.: In addition to Pops getting new parts, I stripped Zebe down to the frame and I'm in the process of rebuilding him to be a "Saturday morning, I'm hung over, lets go slow" bike. I got parts on order and am looking forward to getting it off my bike stand. :)

Oh My.... Another Year Gone...

.: Ahhh crap.. Thank you Ally for reminding me that I haven't been keeping this thing updated.. I apologize to all my faithful readers who check this dribble of thought. Has it really been two years since I left college, got dumped, moved to Cali and said that itz time for a new day? Sweet.. So what is this past year's recap..

.: Well, the huge news is that I have officially stayed in one city for the whole year! Granted I've had two addresses in this city, but still.. I heart Seattle. My new apartment is way better then my last one. I can crash here for a bit and then who knows where the winds will bring me next. All I know is that this past year has been pretty f'ing sweet!

.: Along the same lines, I've worked for one company for the whole year, World Council of Credit Unions. I love that place.. Great co-workers.. GREAT boss.. Great Cause ( - you can help us help others!) This year has been a huge year for me there. I launched my portal system, done a ton of work on backend systems, designed a few things, launched a consumer campaign site ( - Match the savings of the poor to help them out of poverty), and generally rocked the house!

.: The MOST important note of my year though, without a doubt, is I'm dating Ally.. I love that girl.. She is the most amazing person. I know peeps don't like to read all the smushy/gushy/lovey stuff, but seriously. She has made my year a gazillion times better. She has helped me grow as a person, as we have grown as a couple. I can't sing her praises enough..

.: Other things to note.. Humm... I cut my bike accident rate in half this year by only getting hit once. Unfortunately this accident was more serious then the previous two I was involved in.. My front rim is destroyed (which I have since replace) and I got a ticket cuz the second police officer said it was my fault. Took it to court and the judge said, thanks for your honesty, and it could have gone either way, but he wasn't going to overturn the ticket. Grrr.. Whatever.. I now no longer advise people to bike. Ohh well..

.: All in all this past year has been amazing. There were some downs and some ups. More ups then downs.. I got homesick, which is an interesting when you've moved so much cuz really... where is "home".. I missed everywhere.. I missed nowhere.. But in the end, I've made a home here..

.: I'll try to be better about updating this in the coming months..