Sunday, November 23, 2008

Silly Facebook Note Thing

Post your name in the comments and I will do each of the following:

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
(if possible. If not, I'll say something that only makes sense to me.)
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8. I'll tell you my favorite thing about you.
9. I'll tell you my least favorite thing about you.
10. If you play, you MUST post this on yours.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Notebook..

Don't suggest the movie "The Notebook" to someone who's grandma has alzheimers... Just sayin..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

To My Allyson

.: Yeah major news... So after my trip to Wisc (see previous post) I got back I decided that since I couldn't get Ally out of my head, I really needed to just ask her out.. We'd been talking on the phone for almost a week and pretty much went to sleep thinkin bout her.. woke up thinkin bout her.. Couldn't come up with any reason not to be with her.. So after being single for almost two year, I'm not.. And I couldn't be happier.. She is one of the sweetest people I know.. So there is some distance issues we need to work out since she goes to school at NIU.. But we'll figure that one out in time.. Hurray free nights and weekends!! Heheh..

Wait... What? Crazy trip to Wisc? Yes Please..

.: I went on a two week trip to Wisc for work.. That was exciting.. Horrible flights in.. Soooo sea sick.. I hate wind.. But whateve.. Louie picked me up from the airport and we went to get some Ian's.. cuz itz amazing.. Then played some Guitar Hero.. Good times..

.: Monday found me at work getting settled.. Nice day.. Then went climbing with Jackmeister.. We rocked some walls.. Then Jack, his wife and I went out to eat at Red Robins and then home..

.: Tuesday.. Work.. Missed an important meeting cuz I went to lunch with the managers.. eeehhh not good at all.. but the CEO told me to come.. oh well.. stuff happens.. Then had dinner with Kimbery and then we curved some pumpkins and baked the seeds.. All while drinkin some yummy wine.. Rock on..

.: Wednesday.. Work.. Then to Kristen's to pick up a bike to use while I was in Madison (THANKS!!!) and then went to fensing practice.. And I didn't get p'owned as bad as I thought I was going to.. I could actually defend myself.. Granted it was a bit of me just sucking so bad they couldn't figure out what I was doing to actually get a shot in.. but hey.. I'll take it..

.: Thursday.. At work we unvailed my pretty project, WOCCU Central!!! Hurray.. it was meet with a few ohhhs and a few ahhhs.. I'm happy with the release.. After work WOCCU IT went over to Evans for a little party time.. Played Rock Band.. Where I sang.. Wait.. I sang? Well according to the game I sang.. and actually did pretty good.. So that was fun..

.: Friday.. Ahhhh Fridays.. I went to work.. then.. Allyson came up.. We went over to Nora's parent's house.. Which is awesome.. if you have a chance, check it out... Then over to Kristen's where we drank and had a good Halloween/B-day.. Yeah being 26 now!!

.: Saturday.. Got up and ready for Jenny's wedding.. Ashley didn't show up.. so missed the ceremony.. but Kimbery gave me a ride to the reception.. Had a blast.. I ended up break dancing infront of my co-workers.. humm.. might not live that one down...

.: Sunday.. Slept most of the day with a hang-over.. Watched a lot of tv... Went over to Browen's brother's place to hang out..

.: Monday.. Work and then Climbing again.. This time with Evan and Jack.. Evan is a really good beginner.. I was impressed... Even if he does drive with his heat on high and the windows down..

.: Tuesday.. Did Central Training #1.. Which went awesome.. The off to a Election celebration party thingie.. Go Obama!!! Watched the speaches with Allyson..

.: Wednesday.. Work.. Then dinner with Kristen.. Then late night tea with Kristen.. It was interesting to talk to your younger brother's girlfriend's older sister.. But hey, great times there..

.: Thursday.. Did Central Training #2.. Didn't go as well.. but oh well.. But wait.. is this my first night I have off.. with nothing to do??!!?!? Sweeettt.. So I spend it talking to Allyson...

.: Friday.. Work was just closing shop.. Then Birthday party.. Louie, Woccu IT and a random came out.. Louie and I did dinner at a killer Italian place.. Then the Gennas with everyone.. Then Ians where I sprang my tounge.. Then to Paul's Club then to Lava Lounge for some foosball.. Where we were missing a foosball guy... still killed them.. :)

.: Saturday I had to return Kristen's bike and then did dinner with Brit.. That was a good time.. and a nice way to end the trip...

.: But I flew home and I'm happy I did as it started to snow... Booooo to snow.... That was a crazy trip...