Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Biking Sadness

.: So after telling many people to go biking, I can no longer, in good conscience, continue doing so. I've been hit three times on my bike with many more close calls. Last night coming home from climbing my friend Tim almost got drilled by a car who didn't stop at a stop sign.. I just can't say that it's safe to ride bikes.. I do, cuz I love it.. I wont give it up.. but as for telling others that they should? No.. If they got hit, I'd feel responsible. I wouldn't be.. but I'd feel that way.. There are just to many bad drivers.. And bikers are really treated as second class citizens on the road.. I got cut off today by some guy in a mustang who REALLY needed to get to his condo a half a block ahead of me.... What? no... no need for that.. he saved 15 seconds at the risk of my life... I've rode in cars where the drivers yell at bikers, and I turn and look at them in awe.. Seriously? Share the road.. And get better at math.. Start figuring out how much "time" you're saving by driving.. By driving fast.. by cutting people off.. by getting angry at other drivers cuz they cut you off.. by looking for a parking spot even remotely close to where you're going.. In fact.. don't do the math, I'll race you... We'll start at my house and go downtown.. and stay there all day... and come home... That will save you from doing math... Give me a break.. Driving is American.. Screw that.. If being stupid is American, I'm introducing myself as Canadian.. Eh?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Ball?

I don't know what this is.. besides really fun looking.. Thought I'd share...

Monday, October 13, 2008


.: I've been working on a few logos lately. In doing so, I really decided I didn't like most of the serif typefaces. I do like slab serifs.. but even those weren't looking right in my logos.. So I made a little comic that I thought you might enjoy.

The Debates

.: I'm not going to go into depth on the debates.. I'm an Obama supporter. Enough said. But I found this flow chart and thought I had to share it...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chelan Mts Trip Report

Hiked: 31.1 miles
Time On Trail: 26 hours
Gross Elevation: 19,460' ~ 3.69 miles
Vertical: 9,730' ~ 1.84 miles
Highest Point: 8,243' (Pyramid Mountain)

Ethan and I went on a four day backpacking trip to the North Cascades.. Amazing trip in the end, but not without it's injuries or issues. The main issue for me was my ankle and shoulders and the dust... This trip was sparked by Ethan reading "Hikes in the rain shadow of the Cascades".. No rain + forest fire years ago = Lots and Lots of dust.... Ethan had issues with his feet but resolved them on the trail.. We had planned to do 3 summits but only made 2 of them. But hey, we gave up one to camp at an alpine lake.. Way cooler! Over all this trip was massively difficult and not for the faint of heart, but the pay-offs were worth it.. I'd go back.. No question about it..

Day 1: Fern Lake
Starting Elevation 3900'
Ending Elevation: 6900'
Highest Point: 6900'
Distance 7.6 miles
Vertical: 3000'
Time: 6 hours

The first part of the trail was all valley hiking, nothing exciting. Would have been more but we were in dense woods so we got no views. The views we did get were of some crazy peaks. Very pretty but like I said, the forest prevented us from seeing them a lot. We had to make a decision as to if we were going to go up to the lake to camp or stay at the river. The issue was Ethan's feet. He got a couple blisters early on. In the end we decided to press on. One and a half miles and 1700' later we emerged to see a ridiculous lake! The trail up was crazy ridiculous with very few switchbacks or no switchbacks at all. It isn't a trail for the faint of heart. My knee and my right foot started to hurt. Added together with my previously injured right shoulder made the climb that much more challenging for me. In the end it was all worth it. The site we stayed at was large and open with a nice fire pit. It had some great views or the valley and was sweet just by itself. I did end up finding a second campsite up to the right that was hidden with access to a sand beach. All in all the day kicked both our butts so I went looking for a firewood.

Day 2: Cardinal Peak Base Camp
Starting Elevation: 6900'
Ending Elevation: 6600'
Highest Point: 7400'
Lowest Point: 5200'
Vertical: 2280'
Gross Elevation: 4860'
Distance: 7.9 Miles
Time: 6 hours

The day started with us going down the massively step grade we climbed yesterday. My ankle started to really scream as we came down, as did my shoulder. Ethan changed into flip-flops as his feet hurt to much in his boots and stayed in them for the bulk of the trip. Props to him. I hit a wall coming up to base camp. I didn't feel good on my feet and stopped way to often to catch my breath or get some water. When we finally got to the base camp we made camp and ate lunch, packed our day packs and Seska Pass. Very Pretty! You can see the whole valley and beyond. We scouted the next day's trail from the Pass and generally just chilled. On he way back to camp we went by high camp, man it would be sweet to stay there some time. When we got back to camp, we ate and crashed.

Day 3: Buck Camp
Starting Elevation: 6600'
Ending Elevation: 6500'
Highest Point: 7901' (Cardinal Peak South South Summit)
Lowest: 6500'
Vertical: 2200'
Gross Elevation: 4500'
Distance: 5 miles
Time on Trail: 7 hours

We did our first summit today.. to bad we summited the wrong peak. We did our best, studied the maps and trip reports but when it came down to it, we failed. That being said the summit wed did go up was a good time. I got stuck in a couple bad spots going up. LOTS of loose rocks made it a definite Class 3 Summit. The summit was a bit sketch as well, but we made it. The way down was again pretty hard and when we got back to camp my feet and ankle hurt a lot. But it was worth it. We hiked some really pretty meadows and got to see the valley from "a" summit. The hike to the next camp was slightly harder then expected. We didn't realize it dropped a couple hundred feet before climbing back up to the pass. My body wanted to give out so much. In the end we made it and got to camp. a ridiculously huge camp with horse lines and all. We gathered some wood, made dinner and a fire. Ethan explored the next day's trail as I tended to my shoulder and feet which still hurt. Though the numbers don't show it, we had a really long and full day.

Day 4: Out
Starting Elevation: 6500'
Ending Elevation: 3900'
Highest Point: 8243' (Pyramid Mountain)
Lowest: 3900'
Vertical: 2250'
Gross Elevation: 7100'
Distance: 10.6 miles
Time on Trail: 7 hours

Determined to not make the mistakes of the previous day, we took bearings and checked maps and made a game plan before we left for the morning's summit attempt, Pyramid Mountain. We were going off trail to take a shortcut. Ethan in sandals and myself with a busted up ankle set out in the woods. We came up to cliff after cliff and climbed them all making the summit in an hour and twenty minutes from camp! We chilled on top of the peak for a while, took pictures and enjoyed the view. We came back down and hit our camp dead on. No more misreading maps! We packed up camp and took off up Pudge Ridge (another 500' up....) and hiked along the ridge line. Then the trail disappeared.. We'd find it.. and it would disappear again.. repeat... many times.... No one must hike that ridge... Either way we ate lunch as a huge rain cloud was coming in... With 2000+ feet to come down yet on some crazy switchbacks and Ethan in flip-flops we flew down the remaining 2 miles off the ridge as fast as we could.. We stopped to fill up on water and enjoy the last bit of the woods before hiking the last 2 miles out.. The rain never came (thank goodness). We packed up the car, refilled our water bottles and went home.. Amazing Trip!

Trip Photos
Day 1 & 2
Day 3 & 4