Monday, September 22, 2008

Shoes on Dan

.: I got my new Chucks in today!!! YEAHH!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maxed Out

.: I just got done watching this movie and all I can say is wow..... They should play this for everyone who turns 18 in this country.. I want to cut up every credit card I have... Not that any of this was all that new to me.. My parents as well as my teachers in high school drilled it into me.. I'm very thankful they did.. Seeing actually numbers and figures and interviews.. Just scary.. If you have a chance, check it out.. It's available on Netflix as an instant watch.. ... wow...

Back on the wall!

.: After giving my shoulder a good rest after the accident and hiking trip I felt it was high time to start abusing it again.. Tim and I went climbing on Thursday and wow, I felt great. I only did one really stupid move that hurt.. For the most part, I was just taking it easy and doing a bunch of V1's and a couple V2's.. Nothing really harsh.. For fun, I went up the big wall to do a 5.5 (really easy for those not familiar with the system). We climbed for an hour and my arms were cashed.. I excepted that.. Three weeks of not using those muscles, you're gonna start over in building them back up..

.: Yesterday I felt I needed to go back and explore all the routes that were put up in my absence.. So harness and shoes in hand I rode down to StoneyG's and just started climbing. I did the big wall first where I cleared anything below 5.10 on my first shot.. but trying to do 5.10's were just not happening for me.. and it was annoying me.. So I went back to boldering and cleaned a bunch of V2's and started a couple V3's.. But once again, V3's weren't happening either. So basically, I dropped a level in the three weeks of being gone... grrr.. I'll need to buy a year membership so I can go more often and push my limits again and get back to playing with V4's.. :) More goals... hurray!!

Winterizing my bike

.: Did you ever have to make a gradient scale from black to white where each square was a solid shade of white. It looks like this..

.: Now if you took that concept and applied it to weather, you'd get Seattle's weather for the past week...

.: I was amazing to watch it turn from summer to winter in a week.. So since I ride everywhere I needed to get my bike ready for winter and all the rain that it brings. In years past I just rocked a back clip-on fender. It worked "ok". If you needed to not wreck your clothes it wasn't gonna work for ya, but if you just wanted to keep most of the road grim off you and your pack, it worked. This year I decided to take it up a notch and got full fenders.. I put them on and cleaned and re-tensioned my chain, put on my bike computer which I had been to lazy to before, and attempted by failed to put my bell back on my bike. I need to find a killer bell that fits my handle bars.. I also need to get new handlebar tape but then I remember that I wanted to get new handlebars.. And so the issue grows from a bell costing $5 to a new front setup costing a bunch more money... Long story short, I'm still riding without a bell..

.: Other biking news, I have a "pre-hearing" date to talk to the judge. October 14th.. I'll keep everyone posted on what happens with that.. I'm hopeful..

.: In still other biking news.. I can almost drift around a corner by locking up my back wheel and leaning into a turn.. Granted the time I got the furthest was when it was raining and wet.. but I can kinda do it on dry pavement too.. "But Dan, why would you want to do that?" Because it looks really kewl! Who cares if it's ripping my tire apart... My goal is to do a 180 and then start to ride backwards... That would be rediculously sweet.. We all have to have dreams right?

Pictures of the new apartment..

Can be found here

Renewing My Rant...

.: Please for the love of all things good.. USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL!! It's not that hard.. It's right next to your left hand.. I was biking around Ballard and Crown Hill today and I can remember 10 cars who just randomly turned.. NO SIGNAL! What?! (No, I wasn't hit, but it bugs me to death)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Olympic Trip!

Total Miles: 26.2
Total Elevation: 15,200' = 2.87 miles
Highest Point: 6000'
Total Trail Time: 26.5 hours

Day 1: Deer Lake
Starting Elevation: 1900'
Ending Elevation: 3600'
Highest Point: 3600'
Gross Elevation: 1700'
Distance: 4 miles

.: The hike started out with way to many people, day hikers looking to see Sol Duc Falls. The falls itself wasn't all that amazing but it is a weird shape. I think we had Labor Day weekend to thank for the amount of people we saw in the first mile. Once you went over the bridge and beyond the falls heading up to Deer Lake, the crowd thinned out fast. We played hopskotch with a couple of groups. They were all going further than us, and in one case WAYY further than us (That being said, there is little to no way they made it to their camp). The trail was uphill all the way as it followed a cascading river. Very pretty. There are three camps along the way named Canyan Creek 1,2,3 that you could have a fire and were kinda fun looking but way to short to be useful. When we got to Deer Lake the scene was amazing. Peaks all around us were reflected off a crystal lake. We got campsite #10 at the head of the lake, on a little mound. We couldn't see anyone else's tents and we had easy access to the lake or a little brook to fill water. All in all a great first day.

Day 2: Hoh Lake
Starting Elevation: 3600'
Ending Elevation: 4700'
Highest Point: 5400'
Gross Elevation: 2500'
Distance: 5.4 miles

We got up early, 6:45 and started breakfast. We didn't break camp till 10:30 though. Who is in a rush when you're in a place like that. The climb out of camp was pretty steep but we got to go by a lot of really pretty lakes and had a lot of awesome views of the mountains. We finally gained the ridge and the trail leveled out. We rolled through some GREAT shots of mountains and vallies. Some clouds were forming and moving toward us. But no rain came. We did get to see lots of wildflowers. We stopped for lunch when I looked up and saw a black bear about 50 yards in front of us. But as it was the only flat place to sit we took it and ate lunch while watching for the bear. For those keeping track at home, we stopped right before the Seven Lakes Basin Trail. The climb up to the highest point of the day, Bogachiel Peak (5400'), was a bit tough on the knees as you're forced to go up some steep switchbacks to gain the last 400'. We continued on the Hoh Lake Trail after stopping for some pictures. The trail started off fine, then we got stuck waiting for a bunch of black bears to get off the trail. We sang "Bright Side of Life" from Life of Brain. to keep them at bay as we made our way past them (mase in hand). I was rather nervous as a big mamma bear could easily make up the distance from her ridge line to our trail. But we got past just fine. The rest of the trail down to the lake below fell off 700' in a mile. You get great views of the lake and it's basin all the way down. It was a weird greenish blue colour and reflected everything. We got down and scouted the camesites. We found out a couple things, 1) NO ONE was there, 2) The lake is really cold, 3) Our campsite was rediculously awesome and 4) The Hoh Lake Privy is the best bathroom I've ever been in. No walls, and a clear view of Mt Olympus and White Glacier! Not sure if my opinion would change if it was raining but it wasn't.

Day 3: Sol Duc Park
Starting Elevation: 4700'
Ending Elevation: 4300'
Highest Point: 5400'
Gross Elevation: 2800'
Distance: 6 miles

After purifying water and then loosing my carabiner to the water frozen depths, we started out with a steep climb out of the Hoh Lake Basin. 700' in a mile up was an interesting way of starting a day. We got some great views of an Elk heard as we both were leaving the basin. We tried to summit but a bear on the trail put a stop to that idea. The views from the ridge were crazy pretty! We had lunch at a good look out point. The ridgeline was rather difficult to hike but worth it. We came up to Heart Lake, a nice spot even if it was exposed. We decided to daytrip out to see Cat Peak. It was an awesome little trail that wasn't really used. There is a campsite on it that has an amazing view of Olympus and Blue Glacier. When I go back I'm definately camping there. We ate a snack and headed back down. The trip from Heart Lake to Sol Duc Park was a lot of down hill. The camp itself was kinda lame. Not a lot of room after the one good campsite was taken. No good views either.

Day 4: Appleton Junction
Starting Elevation: 4300'
Ending Elevation: 3100'
Highest Point: 6000'
Gross Elevation: 7000'
Distance: 7 miles

Leaving Sol Duc Park didn't make me cry at all. The trail goes through some pretty fallen trees and fields. The campsite at Appleton Junction was a little "eh". With no bear wire we spent an hour trying to string one up. We did make the day trip up to Appleton Pass to see the Mt Appleton. Wow! That is a hike. Steap uphills and a tricky river crossing that I almost lost my manhood on made for an exhausting trip. Once we did make it up, we saw the peak and decided to do the scramble up. We topped out at 6000' and the views of the park were worth every painful moment and drop of sweat. You could see everything! The Seven Lakes Basin, the Appleton Pass Basin (not a real basin but I'm naming it ;) ), Cat Peak.. Everything.. Even the Poop-copter! hehehhe

Day 5: Leaving
Starting Elevation: 3100'
Ending Elevation: 1900'
Highest Point: 3100'
Gross Elevation: 1200'
Distance: 4.8 miles

Downhill was the name of the day. That and mud. We followed the Sol Duc River down from our campsite to the trailhead. The views were ok. Lots of tall trees, waterfalls and bridges. Other than that the day was just exciting to be out and get a hot shower. Not that any of us wanted to leave at all! We got into the car and made the 5:30 ferry to Seattle (totally by accident, we arrived at 5:20 with no idea when the next ferry was leaving.. sweet timing!). When we got in, I got a huge headache from all the pollution in the air. Five days of cleaning out your lungs and I couldn't take an hour in the city.. And we wonder why we have so many health problems...

This trip was rediculously awesome! I can't wait till next time... :)