Monday, May 26, 2008

Week 7: No hair?!!

.: It's happened.. The end of the primary experiment.. No facial hair.. clean... Scary as heck.. There isn't anything to hide behind anymore..

People who piss me off......

.: I'm pretty pissed right now.. Some people in the world, I'd like to take my size 10 boot and apply it to various areas of their bodies.. Here is a list of people that would fall into that category (in no real order, cuz I'm not exactly in the mood to categorize)..

I hate people that:
  1. have a closed minds
  2. lack respect (earned or otherwise)
  3. lie & cheat
  4. take advantage of people's trust
  5. steal

.: The list is longer, but I need to calm down..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Secert Bike Shop

.: I went over to Recycle Cycles, a very kewl bike shop in the U District.. I needed to pick up a new front derailleur for Zebe, who is hurting right now... They didn't have a vintage Campy one so they suggested I goto Mobius Cycle. The guy said it was kind of hidden*.. They really only deal in high end bikes but the owner collects vintage parts and she might be able to help me.. I needed to call ahead and get directions..

.: So I went online and looked them up.. They didn't show up on google maps when I did my first search.. but I ran their phone number and got their website, which in turn gave me their location.. I went there.. and the guy at Recycle wasn't kidding.. It was hidden.. Kinda creepy even..

.: Unfortunately, they were closed cuz the owner had a cold, or so the note said on the door.. So I'm pretty pumped about actually going..

.: These are pics of the entrance.. Currently you're in an alley.. the door is the off the picture on the right on the top one.. and it's the door on the left side of the bottom one, the one with the graffiti on it and a white note 3/4 of the way up.. There are no other markings then a small graphic on the door that I could find.. So NO walk up customers for sure..

*The mechanic at Recycle Cycles thought I was a bike messenger as he later asked me why I didn't just ask my dispatcher for a new derailleur cuz they should have extras I could use.. I got the impression that this store was only for those "in the know".. only adding to my fascination with it..

New Bike!!

.: Pops came in the mail on Friday afternoon and I was WAYY pumped about it.. I don't think I've ever hit refresh on a tracking page so many times.. Pops is a single speed track style bike made by Swobo (which I didn't know is actually based out of Santa Cruz! Hotness!). It's model name is Del Norte.. It a 55cm bike that has red Apex rims, some clipless peddles (thought I don't have shoes yet) and well look at the pic... itz pretty sexy... I love riding it so far.. Hills are a bit of a pain, but not so bad that I would think about changing the gearing on it..

.: It also comes with it's very own guard dog I guess.. Well I found one guarding it as I came out of a coffee house this weekend.. kinda cute..

.: Other side note to this.. I've never been complimented on my bikes before, though they have all been kewl.. Riding this thing around, people definitely take notice and compliment the awesomeness that is Pops! :)

Week 6: Soul Patch

.: So far my favorite new style.. Though I do hate shaving all the time.. and I don't so much like the shape of my face.. However, I don't feel creepy anymore like I did with every other style pretty much..

Monday, May 12, 2008

Week 5: Mustache & Soul Patch

.: I giggled a lot when I first got done with this shave.. I felt like I should be speaking a lot more Spanish.. which of course I instantly knew the second I shaved.. I mean.. if you have a mustache and you're not a cop (which I'm not) then you're Mexican right? hummm am I going to get beat up for that one?

Friday, May 9, 2008

D'Bags on the road

.: I have driven cross-country about 3 or 4 times now. I've seen a lot of miles. In those miles, there are a ton of horrible drivers. Sometimes myself. I'm not the greatest driver, but I'm not the worst.. I've seen just some crazy stuff on the road; people doing 110 on a one and a half lane road as it's snowing for example. Needless to say, I hate driving.. I hate most drivers.. But lets put that aside for right now..

.: I've been biking as a main mode of transit for about 4 years now.. I get groceries, go to the gym, visit friends, all on my bike.. I like it.. Better then that, I love it.. You're free to go where ever you want, when ever you want.. Since you're both a vehicle and a pedestrian, you pretty much get the rule of the road.. Oh wait, we (bikes) don't... Car Drivers think they can do whatever they want on the road and we don't count.. But lets put that aside for right now too..

.: In the last couple weeks, I've seen just some horrible d'bags on the road.. I mean serious, I'd pull their rights to be on the road, d'bags... The first event that sparked this whole thought process (besides the years of seeing bad drivers as a driver) was actually a biker's fault.. granted the driver of the car that almost plowed into this guy was going way to fast, this biker didn't stop at a BLIND STOP SIGN.. Ok, I don't stop at all the stop signs.. actually rarely do I ever come to a complete stop ever on a bike.. but I do slow down and if I can't see if a car is coming, I wait until I can... Bad things happen when bikers meet the front end of a car.. (Been there.. itz not fun) The worst part of this biker almost getting plowed over is, he didn't even realize that it happened.. He had his headphones in (NEVER A GOOD IDEA ON CITY STREETS!) and when this car (and myself) flew around him, he looked really surprised that anyone was around.. When I do something dumb, I normally know it as it's happening.. this guy still has no idea how close he came to either being in intensive care or dead... I wanted to hit him... He's want gives bikers a bad name... grrrrrrr

.: Story two involves taxi cabs.. I normally never have an issue with these guys.. Bikers and taxi drivers share a lot of the same maneuvering concepts and we weave traffic almost in sync.. They have been nice to me and allowed me into a lane that I needed to be in.. Not to many issues.. Tonight, not the case.. I encountered a hoard of bad taxi drivers tonight.. They were waiting at green lights making me track stand on my bike.. Which normally isn't a problem but tonight I just got done climbing and my arms were dead, and I wasn't expecting them to NOT BE MOVING.. if you're expecting that you'll have to track stand, I normally give myself some extra room so I can play around.. but this taxi pretty much stopped randomly and I was right on his bumper.. so it was kinda annoying.. Ran into a different set of taxi cabs that were blocking the lanes.. It was messed up... Never had that many issues with taxi cabs..

.: Since I'm not an angel on a bike, I do have to complain about myself too I guess.. Today I rolled up behind a car and then decided to go in front of it (like ya do on a bike) but I cut off a HUGE truck that I wasn't paying attention too.. granted, it wouldn't have hit me as I stayed in my lane, but I probably scared them a bit.. Bad me.. But like I said, I know that I did something dumb as it's happening..

.: For the most part, I think I'm a pretty good biker.. I don't get in to many people's way.. and I can get from point a to point b faster and easier then a car in most cases... I love riding.. but some of these people just need to be taken off the road before they get hurt or hurt other people...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Week 4: Fu Manchu

.: Not gonna lie.. didn't like this one to much.. really hard to shave it.. and I think it might be better with a couple days of stubble.. idk.. we'll see..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Working Manifesto of an Extroverted Introvert

.: I am an introvert. I find great solace in being alone, relaxing with a bottle of wine and a book. I do not need people around me to feel happy. Yet I want people around. I love to talk, chat, gab, relate. I love meeting new and interesting people and finding out all about them. I have no issues with going out and exploring. Yet I stay in. Not because of fear, but because I'm comfortable here. I don't shut out the world. I just know the world will be there tomorrow if I feel tired tonight.

.: Why should extroverts have all the social skills and introvert have all the deep thoughts? I enjoy both. I seek both. Not out of desire to have both, but out of a passion for both. I love being able to be comfortable in any situation I might find myself in. I might only be a jack of all trades and never a master of any. I still can't work a whole room at the drop of a hat. Nor can I always stay home and just relax. But I can still enjoy a party and then just go home and read.

.: My old boss Victor always made us take personality tests every year to help us understand how to connect with our fellow co-workers (or that is how I understood the goal). He always was surprised that every year everyone scored about the same, except me. I would flip flop from extrovert to introvert. I guess I just sit on the fence of that test.

.: My experience with most people is that we are all on that fence, if only with certain groups or parameters. A quiet person will be the most talkative person in the world when you go to her brother's concert and pack the car with a bunch of close friends. The most social person you know might be found in his room writing a program to catalog his movie collection for a week straight because he saw a need and wanted to fill it.


.: Like the title says, this is just a working manifesto. I still have to refine it.. Normally this sort of thing would just end up in my journal and never be seen by anyone.. but today I just feel like posting stuff.. The three previous posts today were all little jots from my journal from about a year ago.. Just a day of reflection I guess...

For Sara

Fists up!
Ready, Set...
Fuck it, oh well..
Who cares if you don't have your feet on the ground.
Who cares if we didn't tell you how to fight.
Battle it out...
Fuck you if you can't take a joke.
Fuck you if you don't know.
We'll bitch slap you till you get comfortable.
Comfortable, that is, in our way of life.
You want to change it?!
Fuck you again...
We just wont give you a job.

Credit Debit

No Cash. Never Cash.
I have No Cash today.
Credit, Debit, Check,
Those I have.
Those I live by.
No Cash, Never Cash.
No Cash for me.

The Coffee House

I stand here,
watching customers stumble
through their coffee orders.

We all drink the same thing,
but we fight to be different.

A mocha, a latte, a coffee,
All from the same beans.

Why is it that we want to be so unique,
but all end up the same.