Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Never Buying Logitech Again

.: I've always considered myself to be fairly good at trouble shooting computer "stuff"... I've got people's 486's on networks, gotten all sorts of hardware to work even though it shouldn't, reconfigured files on the fly to make devices "magically" turn on.. But seriously, I don't like doing it.. There is no joy in figuring that s*** out.. I just end up with a massive headache..

.: That being said, EVERY device I've purchased from Logitech has been a battle to get it to work on my computer... Underscored "EVERY"... Headsets, cameras, mice, and keyboards.. They have all been a chore to get to work.. Just pisses me off.. They seem to have a great reputation.. but for my money, F*** them.. I just spent 3 hours getting my new webcam to work..

You: "Well Dan, why didn't it work?"
Me: "Well, I can't be completely certain, but my best guess is that the installer 'forgot' to copy the file wdma_usd.inf to c:\windows\inf folder"
You: "How did you find that out?"
Me: "F*** You.... "

.: Yeah... thatz right I'm pissed off at Logitech cuz their forums are maintained by a rag-tag group of people who may or may not be actually associated with the company.. The answers you get may or may not be right.. There is no official support that I could find (and I've looked... a lot)... I've been told to do all sorts of messed up crap but seriously.. IS IT THAT HARD TO MAKE AN INSTALLER THAT DOESN'T MESS UP 98% OF THE TIME!!!!!!!

.: Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest... Grrrrrrr

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Week 1: Beard && Week 2 Goatee w/ Chops

.: As posted before, I'm looking for a new facial hair style for the summer... I decided that the only way I'll know what style I like is just to try them all.. So... I'll be slowly shaving it down from a full beard to whatever I end up with...

Trimmed Beard..

Goatee w/ Chops Side View

Goatee w/ Chops Front View.... Week 2

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Need a better definition

.: Ethan, Justin and I summited* Mt Si yesterday and on the trail the concept of a granola vs a hippie came up.. and I didn't hear a good argument for what makes someone a granola... This is what was said yesterday**...

One who does drugs and protests "The Man" and the corporate machine, listens to jam bands like Phish and normally smells of random "oils"

For the most part still a hippie.. Lose the drugs, and some of the music.. Is willing to work for "The Man" provided that it pays for their organic food.. And showers

Faux Hippie
Same as hippie just lose the ideals, keep everything else

Faux Granola

.: So if you would like to help me out with these definitions, please feel free to leave me a comment.. I need some help defining "who I am"... lol..

* We didn't finish the summit cuz the last haystack was covered in snow and the approach wasn't safe with the gear we brought..

** These definitions are a bit more refined then what was actually said on the trail..

Friday, April 18, 2008

My New Couch!!

.: La-z-boy... very comfy

.: The matching chair.. (The footstool that also matches is in my bedroom)

.: Hurray, all my furniture for my apartment has be purchased! Itz a Red Letter Day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Beard Question

Full Mountain-man beard
Me Right now

.: Should I keep it, lose it, cut it, make it into a mustache? Thoughts?

Just the bottom
Freshman year college

Gotee (minus the sides)
Sophomore year college (also most of hs)

.: I don't have any pictures of me with just a mustache (cuz they don't exist) and I'm not willing to go clean shaven... Cuz I look like I'm twelve years old.. and I hate getting carded...

Batman Begins in Seattle?

.: Huge steam blow-off...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Amazing Sunset

.: If you haven't heard it from me yet, you don't talk to me enough.. I love it here... This sunset is a great example of how wonderful it is in Seattle... it was 70 yesterday.. sunny.. and simply put, amazing!


.: Took me a bit to figure out why I had the world's largest iPod EVER.. 1.7 terabytes! Sweet...

New Respect

.: I just got done watching way way way way to much YouTube videos of Bike Messengers and Alley Cat Races... I'm just amazed by that culture.. seriously, dang, you people are crazy.. Both in terms of skills and risks you take.. I was/am happy with my city riding skills.. I was a little worried about something one of my friends told me.. "It's not the bike messengers that get create the bad rep, it's those who look like messengers reflecting on the real ones"... That may be true.. I didn't want to fall into that category.. but after watching all those videos today, I'm a model bike rider in comparison.. I take my risks.. I've run a couple lights.. I've rode between cars.. but NOTHING compared to what I just watched... (I'm kinda jealous.. don't get me wrong).. but I do not have that kind of skill yet.. and I kinda like the idea that I'm still alive.. :)

Crazy Bikers...

track bike superstars! from julip on Vimeo.

I've found my wife...

I have no idea why people in the crowd aren't going nuts for this.. itz insane...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yesterday's Explorations

.: I went exploring Seattle yesterday.. This time on my bike so it was a bit easier.. I wanted to find places that I had on my list but had as of yet actually gone there.. First on the list was the stadiums.. (Pretty easy to find..) Then since I was in that part of town, I dropped by the Starbucks HQ... Sidenote: I ran into Outdoor Research's HQ/Company store.. Very nice..

.: Then it was off to Union Station.. I had walked around it but never been to one of the kewler buildings there.. I wondered around for a bit and found this sign that kinda scared me.. Why in the world would they need audio? Video sure.. find.. but audio? weird...

.: Then I went all they way over to the other side of town to Fremont.. Where I, in true Coffee and Bikes style, stopped for a drink.. I got what I normally get (which is whatever the brista wants to make me.. I always leave it open)... This time it was an Orange Zest Mocha from Caffe Ladro.. Very tasty.. I'm definitely going back there... Very nice crowd

.: Afterwards.. I went to find a design studio that was on my original "Dream Jobs" list.. It was the only one I didn't apply to.. I was saving it for when I had a better chance.. In the end I didn't actually end up apply at all. but I thought I see the building... SOoooooooo I know design studios can be a little hidden.. but it took me 2 times going up and down the street, then a quick consult with my phone to actually find the address.. It was only a door.. The studio must be upstairs.. but nothing to grab street walkers.. if you didn't know what you were looking for.. you would have never seen it..

.: After that, I went across the channel and found another building I had searched for but was unable to find.. Vertical World... Its an indoor climbing gym... I got a tour and asked about prices and if didn't have a partner then how would I fit in with the culture.. The people there seemed very nice.. and I did like their place.. I want to check out StoneyG's (Stone Garden) before I choose one over the other...

.: If you would like to see my route click here.. I tried to embed the map but google maps isn't liking me today...

Crazy Sunset

.: This was going to be the best sunset ever.. but now it gets moved down a couple notches on my list cuz I didn't have anyone to share it with.. :( oh well.. people need to ANSWER THEIR PHONES!!