Friday, January 25, 2008

Crazy Month..

.: I'm only 75% done with this month and I feel like itz been 5 years.. Yet, at the same time, it feels like only a day.. I have no real concept of time right now.. I watch the sun rise and set.. Boats come and go.. I do work and I live.. I think this is me being sick right now, but I'm missing having roomies.. I really must be sick... Mom, I love you, but seriously.. next time you're sick and I'm moving, you do not get to ride in my car... Almost over it I think.. However, I keep on eating this killer chilli I made.. and by killer I mean wow... but that causes some serious gi issues.. (Ps.. I'm watching way to much House lately.... )

.: I finally hung artwork this week.. my apartment is now home.. a couch would really complete it but eh.. haven't found anything that fits my style (or budget).. Jack wants me to come back to Madison for a couple weeks.. I love going back to hang with those kids.. but right now I'm kinda sad to leave my place.. might also have something to do with me doing the math on how much I'm spending on a place I'm not living in.. but hey... I get to collect some more frequent flier miles.. hurray... Ps to all my friends who read this and to my sister.. I'm gonna be in Madison from Feb 10th to Feb 24... two weeks in the sunny warm state of... oh crap.. I knew I screwed that up.. 2 weeks of snow/slush/mild weather... hurray wisc... If anyone wants to hang out.. let me know so I can schedule you in... weekends fill up fast so act now!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ahh Art

.: This past weekend, I ran down to Tillamook to pick up the rest of my stuff.. I packed a uhaul trailer with the WORST headache I can remember.. Then the lights didn't work... then dad fixed my lights... (Thanks dad) Then I was uber tired... to the point I couldn't move.. but then I couldn't get to sleep... ehh balls...

.: But, we got on the road and got to Seattle.. A bit of white knuckle driving.. I hate driving with a trailer.. In the end I got in, and got the elevator locked down.. Moved up all my stuff and had a box fest in my apt.. made mom and dad a little pasta dinner.. relaxed and went to bed..

.: Today, we returned the trailer with a bit of difficultly... but made it out in fine order.. got back to my place and walked around the market.. Nice little afternoon..

.: After mom and dad left, I got down to business.. I started hanging art work and putting stuff away.. And WOW.. I have moved in.. I have my walls covered.. my rug down.. so so much better.. I have my tv hooked up with my dvd and vhs player.. end tables.. the whole nine-yards.. who feels like a million bucks (however, I am quite tired) This guy... :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tea or Drugs

.: Actually it should be Tea is a Drug... Ok... so I live in the great coffee roasting capital of America.. or so it would seem.. There is an UBER creepy StarShumuck's tower here...

.: I think itz used to control their minions.. But I can't confirm that... But when you drive by it, you instantly want a Double Grande White Mocha with medium foam and no whipcream... or is that just me... hummm... Oh well.. But yeah.. Tea..

.: Ok.. so I live maybe 2 blocks from Perennial Tea Room.. One of the kewlest tea shops I've been to.. I've meet the owner or at least one of them.. my cabinets are full of different teas.. Just to show you how much tea I have, this is my December tea list.. I haven't updated it since I moved here.. So I guess I'll have to update it soon..

.: Back to the point tea being drugs.. So I went the Perennial Tea Room tonight and was sampling different teas I haven't been exposed to.. and when I got home I pulled out a little baggie of tea that you might easily mistake for illegal substances (ok.. I live in Seattle.. and before that I lived in Santa Cruz.. the only other place that "Those Leaves" are more legal in the US might be Denver... but seriously...) I looked at this baggie and thought.. I think I might be addicted to tea... I do drink a lot of it.. I love it.. and I've got about a gazillion different types.. I've seen drug dealer's rooms.. (not gonna say how or where... but know that I wasn't buying)... and my cabinets look like their cabinets.. itz kinda creepy...

.: Yeah TEA!

Seattle.... Wow

.: So I moved.. I'm here.. Seattle.. Downtown district.. In a kewl little apartment.. By kewl I mean rockstar.. and by little itz 662sq ft.. I have a balcony.. a wonderful view of not only the building next to me.. but also of the port and the sound... If you want to check it out, I love it so far.. granted I've only lived here for about a week and a half now.. but I've enjoyed every moment.. I look outside and I just smile.. I can see the mountains and the water..

.: Still lacking on furniture.. I gave away or sold most of it when I left Oshkosh for the coast.. So this being the first apartment I've lived in since that hasn't been furnished already.. I guess I have to buy some things.. I'm hunting for a GREAT couch.. an "okay" one isn't gonna do.. I want comfort and style..

.: Speaking of style.. I always thought that if I lived alone, it would be an interior decorator's worst nightmare.. but so far itz working... All my furniture is black, white, silver and red... I have yet to hang any pictures cuz I can't figure out which ones I want up... hard choices... Damn being a photographer whoz a little snap happy...