Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hitting Technology

.: I've seen many people hit things when they don't work.. I've always been confused why they do it.. Wouldn't it hurt the technology more? Break it more? Possibly destroy it? I've yelled at people for doing it.. Be nice to it and it'll be nice to you...

.: Well, I'm going to have to take it all back.. I'm sitting in LuLu's and my headphones didn't work (well the right ear bud didn't work, the left did.. ).. I got angry about it after about an hour or so.. so in a fit of "grrrrr". I smacked it against my table really hard.. and low and behold, it worked.. why the HECK did that work? I mean, it completely works now.. no crackle or anything... It should have broken it.. not fixed it..

.: So as of today.. I say hit your technology.. Lord knows why it works.. but I guess all those people who were hitting their devices as I told them not to were onto something...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Big Basin Hike

.: I really wanted to go on a long bike ride today followed by a hike and then back home on the bike... but I screwed up my front rim... so I couldn't ride.. I was still determined to get in a good workout and see some nature.. I got into my car (sadly) and drove to Big Basin for a 9 mile hike.. What a great choice.. I went slow and really looked around..

.: I ended up messing up my knee with a third of the trail left to go.. so I limped home.. but in the end I had a good time on the trail.. REALLY cleared my head.. I love the great out doors..

Nico's Graduation

.: After 5 years my cousin graduated from Stanford with his master's degree.. He is definately someone to look up to.. He is married to a wonderful lady.. got his masters.. and has a job in san fransisco... I have much respect for him...

.: Stanford graduation was kewl... They read off all the graduates' names, their degrees, their honors, and what they are doing post graduation... They had a couple good speakers.. but this silly 4 yr old kept on getting in my way.. grr... lol.. but I was in the shade and enjoying life..

Amanda's B-Day

.: Amanda, my boss's girlfriend, had her birthday a couple weeks ago. Good times. Jon made his world famous tacos.. which were killer... Hung out in the pool.. Meet some peeps.. watched the last episode of the Sapranos.. All in all a good night..

Ben the senior designer

Amanda the bday girl is in blue


My Boss in some short shorts... interesting times

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Courtesy vs Incompetence

.: Hurray to Santa Cruz for having a lot of bike paths and really nice drives in general (besides their obvious lack of turn signals).. But there is a breaking point between being nice to bikers and just causing traffic issues.. I thank the drivers who give me room on the road and don't cut me off... But when you stop and wait for me to make a turn on my bike you are just being hurtful to the traffic pattern.. I can breakstand for about a minute while you turn.. or you can force me to breakstand for 2 minutes (which I can't do) while trying to give me the right of way that was yours.. Bikers still have to obey traffic laws (though I do blow stop signs on dead intersections way to many times)... Thank you for letting me go, but I can't assume you're going to let me.. cuz if I do, some other driver wont.. and I'll end up testing out my helmet (something that I don't really want to.. .Itz prettier when it doesn't have scraps on it.. :)) So Please just follow normal traffic laws when it comes to intersections...

The Quick Ride

.: Went on a quick little bike ride after work on Friday.. I wanted something without too many hills.. So I went out on west cliff on the bike path to Wilder State Ranch and got onto Hwy 1 and kept going west.. I ended up at Bonny Doon Rd where I got off the bike and went to the beach for a bit.. I think itz called Red White and Blue Beach.. (Not sure...) It was a nice beach.. bout a 1000' of coast.. Nice cliffs.. Good sand..

.: Came home.. Averaged about 10mph.. Which I need to increase.. I'm going slow for some reason.. idk.. It was 18 miles and relaxing..

.: Click here for route details.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

First 50+ Road Bike Experience...

.: Yesterday I wanted to go for a bike ride.. I figured 2 hours out.. 2 hours back.. be a good trip.. So I got on my new road bike... Rode over to Sprockets to buy a helmet so I could be safe (yes I've been riding without one for the past month.. don't yell at me..).. Then I got on the road.. I had no idea where I was gonna go.. so I figured I might either go out B40 or Hwy 9... I meet up with some peeps on the road who were going out B40 so I decided to go with my first thought or Hwy 9 to Felton...

.: I jumped on River to Hwy 9 and started the first of many climbs.. Felton is about 390 ft above sea level, and itz in a valley.. so I had to clear the ridge to get to it.. I got there no problem.. But that was only 6 miles.. not as far as I wanted to go.. so I continued on.. Went through Ben Lemond, and some other small town and hit Boulder Creek.. I stopped for some Alieve cuz my knees were starting to hurt and I wanted to keep going.. I picked some up from the local drug store and in an effort to copy my brother, I stopped at a coffee house for the true Coffee And Bikes experience.. I meet a guy named Nick who is a Professor of Applied Mathematics at UCSC.. We had coffee together and chatted about why we came out the Santa Cruz and about the routes each of us were taking.. He was riding further then I and was in true biker clothes.. I was in street clothes.. He told me that I should follow 9 till it hits 236 again and take 236 back to Boulder Creek via Big Basin.. Sounded good so after an extremely hot latte, I hit the road again..

.: Right out of town I started an uphill climb... that lasted.. and lasted.. lasted for 11 miles.. 11 miles without a downhill breather... I was massively impressed that I made it to the top.. but I was definitely hurting when I got to the top.. (Funny aside, a car slowed down and asked me for direction on the uphill.. wanted to know how to get to Santa Cruz.. just really random) That all being said, the downhill race was amazing.. I was pelleting zeros in my highest gear.. Just flying.. and Hwy 236 is NOT a straight road.. so the curves and loops and dips made for a very very very pretty ride..

.: I got into Big Basin and filled up my water bottle and relax for a moment.. Then started another 4 mile uphill climb.. Finally getting into Boulder Creek again at 6pm.. I wanted to stop at the coffee house again but I knew I would have just locked up and not been able to finish the ride.. So I pulled away and made it back into felton (mostly downhill yeah).. I climbed back over the ridge and flew down the hill back into Santa Cruz..

.: I logged 53 miles (appox) on the bike that ride.. My knees hurt, I was massively hungry (I now understand John's appetite) and dehydrated.. So I slammed some water, iced my knees and made half a box of pasta.. I felt great until about a half hour after I ate.. At that point I felt really sick.. I think it was the goat cheese that I put on the pasta or the double dose of Alieve that I took... I'm still debating what killed me.. Heck it might of been that I had just been way to tired to do anything.. But I called it a day and went to bed..

.: For complete route information click here.

New Addition To The Bike Family

.: I picked up a new road bike this past week.. A Miyata 710... I had to put new tires and handlebar tape on it.. lub the chain a lot.. but it rides great.. Itz a 12 speed, but it could use another set lower... idk.. I like it a lot.. friction-shift.. Old skewl.. I'm excited for it..

Facebook Did What?

.: Ok, so I have to post something about this... I like facebook for many reasons.. They have (or had) a great vision and product... But now they opened up a new can of worms by allowing developers access into their system... There are now hundreds of applications for it.. I watched the K8 Keynote and I was less then impressed.. I liked facebook for itz simplicity.. Now when I'm checking people's profiles to see what they updated, itz a hunt.. Itz not as bad as myspace.. but I don't like the direction itz going.. It'll get hacked and all hell will break out... I was actually thinkin of canceling my account (I wont, but still)... I don't know.. maybe itz me being scared of change.. We'll see..

Sunday, June 3, 2007


For Jobi

.: Have you seen my beach ball.. itz about this big....

Break Dancing From State To State

.: If taking a road trip to move all your worldly belongings wasn't enough to make a memorable trip already.. Louie and I decided to break dance in every state.. Hurray Blogger for not allowing any more then 5 photos on my post... but here are a couple stills from it.. Louie shot video and so I have to wait for the post production to finish before I can see it.. I'm excited though..

Road Trip, In General

.: All my stuff is finally together again... I flew home, packed up and drove it all out to cali... Itz sweet diggin through all of my old crap, kinda like christmas... found a bunch of stuff I didn't remember I had..

.: Rachel picked me up from the airport when I flew in.. We had dinner and caught up on happenings.. She drove me up to Oshkosh that night and we sat talking on my porch for a while cuz I was having a nervous breakdown about leaving Wisconsin.. Thank you ever so much to her for helping me through that night...

.: I packed and partied with friends.. Hung out with Dana.. Good times...

.: Friday came and I checked out of my apt... I got into my yellow chariot and drove off to Madison to pick up Louie.. We had our first break dancing session and went to the brat feast.. We got on the road and made it down to St Louis by night fall.. We hung out with the parents for a bit and after a good night sleep and coffee the next day we took off... We didn't know how far we were gonna make it.. but we were hoping to get through most of Kansas... Well we made it from St Louis to Colorado Springs in a day... hahah.. yicks...

.: The next day we went white water rafting with an outfit called Noah's Ark.. Interesting times.. The Akansas River is frickin cold from the snow melt.. But our guide Eve (who was about a 10 on the cute scale, earning more bonus points for working for a Christian organization and even more for being an outdoors girl..) led us down the river.. She did a great job.. though the rapids weren't as massive as both Louie and I hoped... It was a great time though.. We pushed on from there to Vegas...

.: VEGAS BABY!!! What happened there, will stay there... :)

.: From Vegas we pushed to Santa Cruz.. Not the greatest drive in the world.. but still pretty nonetheless.. We took a route I hadn't before and it was enjoyable.. I was ultra happy to be home again... I had been so nervous about the whole adventure that when I saw "Santa Cruz 14 miles" I couldn't help but get a bit excited...

.: Over all the trip went awesome.. Louie is a great person to hang out with.. Wish he'd move out to the west coast so we could hang out more... We both have our life plans though... so we'll see where we're at in a couple years... Until then, there is always vacation time... :)