Friday, January 26, 2007

Daniel 5:27

"You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting"

.: This statement can hold true in many many different areas: relationships, work, life, etc. Louie told it to me and then I looked it up. How often are we found wanting? I've been let down a few times lately because I expected more and I was found wanting. It's an interesting road to go down. Really I just want to post the quote out there for others to consider.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Heart Sunsets

.: Sunsets are so nice to just sit back with a gin and tonic and enjoy. They give closure to the day and allow time to reflect upon the days evens. This one is from my Uncle's balcony. I got to enjoy my car being home and working, living in California, my wonderful family, and life in general.

End of the Trip

.: My car is back now. Only took them a day and a half. Two rear brakes, new break lines and an oil change later it works. I'm still a headlight and windshield wiper short but those are details.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Car is Dead

.: I left today from the house to go exploring Santa Cruz, but as I was going down the driveway I realized that it wasn't gonna happen. My back breaks were loud as hell and I wasn't getting the stopping power that I should have. I tried.. I really did.. But it wasn't happening. I freaked out for a bit then my dad calmed me down.

.: I found an auto shop to work on it and drove there. They looked at it and told me that he was surprised that it stopped at all. The "breaks" were completely gone basically. He showed me and I saw what he meant. Metal on metal with shaving in the drum. It looked impressive. The other side he couldn't get the drum off to show me without shattering the brake. So needless to say I had to drop the money to get the dare things fixed.

Sleeping on a Cloud

.: Finding a truly comfortable bed is a rare thing for me. I had to work at getting my bed in college to a point where I enjoyed it. That involved a high end futon bed and a feather top and about six blankets. But I got it to where I really liked it. So I was a bit nervous about just leaving it all in Oshkosh. I was worried for nothing. I'm sleeping in my cousin Nico's bed, as he has his own place in Palo Alto. Wow is all I can say about that! His bed feels like you're sleep on a cloud. You just sink into the bed and cover up with a down comforter and other various assorted blankets. It was a little slice of heaven!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Rockin on Hwy 1

.: Ethan and I decided to make one more detour on our trip. Instead of going up I-5 and saving time, we decided to take the slow road and head on up Hwy 1. This road hugs the coast and when I say hugs, I mean it. You drive on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. Small tight turns with no room for passing where you're next to a solid wall of rock or the guard rail that is preventing you for falling into the ocean.

.: If anyone has the chance to drive on this road, DO IT! It's one of the prettiest things I've seen (in modern living.. the wilderness is way cooler). You have to allow yourself extra time, it's not a place you speed or even come close to the speed limit. You drive slow and look at the ocean, the cliffs, the little towns, and the road. I was just blown away by it all.

.: We stopped 10 minutes before sunset (I heart my phone for telling me that) and found a place on the cliffs to watch as the sun was setting on the pacific. Though it wasn't my first time seeing the sunset on the ocean, I got really choked up. It was my first sunset of the new chapter of my life in California.

New Mexico

.: Holy wow.. New Mexico was not what I was expecting. As Ethan and I drove into the state, we cruised along I-40 (old Route 66). This road is the longest, straightest, lamest road ever. It lacked any ounce of character. All the way to Albuquerque I wanted to shoot myself. Look on the map sometime, there isn't a curve for 200+ miles and that hurts your soul when you're driving it.

.: We got to Albuquerque, where I had planned to stop for the night, but Ethan and I decided to make this a true road trip and at 5pm'ish we turned left onto I-25 and headed south. Really south. We drove to Kingston. If you look at a map, you might not actually see it. There is only one business there (the bed'n'breakfast we stayed at) and about 30 people in the town. Why did we go there? How did we even know that it existed (as you had to get off the interstate to find it)? Well my brother John was there and we decided to surprise him by dropping in unexpectedly. It was great. We got there and the only people at this "house" were geology kids on Field Camp so they all looked at us kinda funny. (No one just stops in I guess). John's face was priceless. The biggest look of surprise I had ever seen on anyone. The b&b was really awesome and John, Ethan and I drank some beverages while we caught up on everything.

.: The next morning was a bit of a surprise though. It had snowed 5 inches or so overnight and we thought we might be stuck. They don't plow the backroad we used to get to Kingston on weekends (though it was a Friday, but we weren't sure about the schedule). Ethan and I chilled out for a while and relaxed as we watched the snow gently fall. It was really pretty. Almost made me sad that I was running away from it. But in the end we packed up, said our goodbyes and left. The drive was slow out of the lodge, but it got even slower when we realized that the windshield wiper that we had gotten fixed earlier in the trip had completely broken. Without the driver side windshield wiper driving became more interesting. We got to the next biggest town and looked for an auto parts store. No one had one in stock. So I did the only thing I could think of (after trying zip-ties to hold the arm in place) I took off the passenger wiper and put it on the driver side and put the driver side in the backseat of my car.

.: After we "fixed" the windshield wiper we started driving again and what happens? We hit a frickin blizzard in the middle of the desert. I'm not even joking. This storm had HUGE snowflakes, or more aptly named snowballs. My one blade did its best and we made it through the storm in fine order, but talk about fun/crazy times.

Safety Corridor

.: What the heck is a "Safety Corridor"? Seriously! On my road trip with Ethan we hit a bunch of these things. "Fines double in this Safety Corridor".... Is there a reason that one should be extra safe in these things? As far as I could tell, no. They were just roads, that cost more if you got busted for speeding and the like.

.: Also along the same lines, why do I need to be informed on how the road is being patrolled? By radar, by plane, by aircraft... It's all the same to me. I don't care how I got busted, just that I got busted. Everyone wants to tell you how you're gonna get hosed :)

Life or Lifeless

.: On my road trip out to Santa Cruz Ethan and I talked about a lot of different things. All interesting topics, but no topic was more interesting to me then the question "If you don't do anything to advance humankind, is your life meaningless?"

.: As a graphic designer/application developer I do nothing that directly helps anyone out besides myself. I am a whore, selling myself out to the highest bidder. Does this mean that my life is worthless? Lots of time on the road was spent considering this. Should I be concerned? Should I push myself to become more active in the world?

.: What are some options that I have to actually help humankind? Well, Peace Corps came to mind first, but I didn't think their mission statement was really what I was looking for. Two of their three goals revolve around just Americans. That really doesn't help humankind, only our small part of the world. I could volunteer at a homeless shelter, but that didn't seem like it was broad enough for the question. I don't know what I could do....

.: The only thing that I could come up with is that I could work for a company who donates time/money/resources to other organizations who do help humankind. Education of the masses could be my only real outlet for answering this question. Not even educating, providing material that someone else has created in a package that others might actually pick up and read. Is that much of a life?

.: This is a question I'd like everyone to ask themselves and truly consider. What are you doing to advance humankind? Is that even your goal in life? Should it be?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Prep Work

.: The count down is on for my trip to Cali... One more day and I'm off. I'm very excited to leave. I have most of my stuff sitting in my living room so I can make sure I'm not forgetting anything. I called up my buddy Ethan to see if he wants to come with so I'll have a co-pilot.

.: I'll be making cookies tomorrow and running around wrapping up old business. Closing out accounts. Should be interesting. I need to return a sword, pick up some food for the road, and pack the car. I kinda want to leave a week later, but nothing is going to stop me form leaving now. I already have my mail forwarding set up and I'm too excited to delay. It makes things a little pressed for time, but I want to get out of here. Everything else be damned! HA HA!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'll Start Where I Left Off

.: My last blog ended on a note of chaos. Though my life isn't any clearer, this will mark a new attempt to understand the events of my life in a public forum.

.: I am relaxing in my Oshkosh flat for my last weekend. This could be my last couple days living in Wisconsin. I just graduated from UW Oshkosh with honors. I'm job searching, as I have been for the last couple months. I'm about to move out to California with no idea what I'm exactly going to do.

.: My thoughts revolve around my failed relationships, my work, and my future options. I don't sleep very well lately. I have a hard time eating. Concentrating has become a very difficult task at points. However, in the end I remain in high spirits. I equate my current position to one standing on the docks awaiting a ship that will take me to the horizon line and beyond. I'm nervous but excited. Who knows what is to come. I know I can handle anything that life will throw at me.