Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend with Ethan

.: Two weekends ago was a bit crazy. My buddy Ethan's car did die in Yreka so he ended staying from Thursday through Monday. Which sucked for him but was awesome for me. We got to have some fun around Ashland, eat some food and drink some wine. Was a good time. After we got his car fixed he took off on his way.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seattle Kids

.: How I love long weekends, especially when friends are involved. My buddy Tim came down to Ashland with his lady Kate (Kate's parents live here too) so we got to hang out. We went out for cocktails on Saturday and then went to the parade on Monday. Was pretty epic times. Makes me miss Seattle a bit much but Ashland is a killer town to hurray for that :) I'm trying to find time to go up to Seattle for a week or something, but time is a hard things to find, so is money...

.: But on the same note, another friend Ethan is moving to Vancouver BC and is stopping here tonight as a waypoint. Well hopefully, he just called me saying check engine light came on in Yreka. He's got a mountain range to get over before he hits Ashland and there isn't "much" in between here and there... I'm hopeful and excited :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out From The Mist

.: After ever so long, I decided to post an article. This is the longest I've ever gone without writing on my blog since I started one years and years ago. Yicks... So what's been going on? Lots... To much to put in a single post without me going nuts.
.: Well, this past winter I got to go skiing a bunch at Mt. Ashland. My skis still work after 11 years. My boots on the other hand, not so much. I couldn't figure out how to make my ankle/foot not hurt. However, even with the pain, I had a blast! The ski area has a lot of variety and there seemed to always be powder somewhere. Didn't ski the bowl but I did pretty much everything else. I snagged a season pass for next year so game on!

.: I opened a little Etsy Store to sell the random sewing projects I've been making. Also, I got a lot better at sewing... Wow, was I bad before. I'm still not "great" but I'm a lot better now. Check out my coffee cozies and whatever else I have up there:

.: Ally and I have been doing great. We've had our ups and downs as any couple might. We're hoping that we can relax a bit this summer and just have some us time away from things. We didn't get to take a honeymoon so our "One Year Together Trip" is still being figured out. I'm excited for whatever it holds.

.: I started eating meat again. The reason for starting to eat it is the same reason that I gave it up, I hate making two menus or arguing about where to go based on dietary needs. I've slowly been adding meat to my diet since November. I'm finally to the point where I can eat most things. I had a steak the other day and it was awesome. One thing though, NOTHING will taste as good as the "thought" of bacon. It tasted amazing in my head, and real bacon, not so much. It's still good, but not earth shattering like it was in my head.

.: I purchased a new bike, Casper, a Swobo Sanchez. Its all white and black with a corduroy top tube protector that has a scene of skeletons having tea on it. Its a lot of fun to ride around. I won my first Alleycat on it too! Rode all over town collecting random things and pulled down the W. There is a fun time.

.: I started to get into gardening. I landscaped around my apartment. Pruned a bunch of plants. Planted new ones. I have a little herb garden going that I'm very exciting about, chives, cilantro, mint and basil. I've only killed some of the cilantro. That stuff is weird. I have much to learn.

.: That is gonna be it from me for right now. I'll see how the readership responds as most of you probably left after the hibernation started. Hope everyone out there is well and I'll post again soon.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


.: Last night I was pretty bored... TF2 wasn't going well for me... Ally was super tired and wanted her space... So I went to my man cave... Ally had gotten home from Medford and said that she was gonna get a cable case to manage all her computer cords but didn't get it for some reason. She said she wanted one for a long while. Well... I have a sewing machine and left over canvas... I can make her one... Why not... So I pulled everything out... sketched out a REALLY rough design and starting cutting... Sewed it together with only a couple messes... After not using the machine for a year, I was really pumped that I could thread it and get it going at all.. I'm SURE that it will fall apart due to some weak sewing skills, for for the time being, you can put cables in the pockets, fold the top flap down and roll it up... Pretty cool I think. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to Climbing

Ahhh getting back to one of my old hobbies, gym rock climbing. Found a climbing gym up in Phoenix (Oregon not Arizona) which is like 15 minutes north from me. I was pumped so I invited a friend (Ryan) to go with me to check it out. Ryan told me "Why not goto the one on campus?"..... There is one ON CAMPUS?! SWEET! I bugged a different friend (Curtis) to come with me as Ryan was busy or something. Don't remember. The gym is small... The size of a racket ball court (cuz it is one that was renovated). But it's close... really close.. down the hill... And cheap.. $65 for a year.... I've gone 3 times now, so in my mind I've paid half of it off already! I've done most of the bouldering routes already but hey, for next to nothing and for it being 2 minutes away, I'm happy. There are top roping routes that I have yet to do and I'm meeting peeps. The guys that work there are cool and nice. The peeps I've been climbing with are upbeat and I can actually help some of them. A couple of them and I have been playing Tim & my game named "Who can do this route using the fewest holds"... That's a lot of fun :)

Well.. back to doing pointless stuff...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Marco... POLO!!

.: I had a really really long day.. Things breaking.. Things not working.. Things annoyed me.. All-in-all a realllllly long day.. So I pulled out the hammock and had a beer. That was great! Rested up a bit and then the best end of a day.. Went out to play some bike polo!!

.: I got to the school where it was going to happen and waited around till some peeps showed up.. Luke, the organizer and Emerit, the serious player and Jacob showed up and after introductions and briefly explaining the local rules we picked teams off we went...

.: A few things to know.. Bike polo is:
  1. a physical sport with a lot of purposefully putting yourself in the way of a speeding bike
  2. a crazy mental chess game of when to put yourself in harms way and when to go play goalie
  3. a demanding game of endurance as I just got home and can't feel my arms
  4. a game best played on a free wheel bike with your brake on the non-dominate hand (left in my case..) (I showed up with a fixie with a rightie brake.. suck)
.: It was a lot of fun! Total goals scored by me... zero... Total goals blocked by me... a couple.. Number of times I had to go and tag back in... I don't know the name of the number that high... Dang is it hard to switch directions that quickly and avoid getting smashed into or smashing into other peeps..

.: I'm so showing up next week for another beating!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh Come On!

.: I was feeling pretty motivated today so I decided to go on a little bike ride. Went up the main trail toward Medford. After 5 miles on the road, *thunk*, *thunk*, *thunk*..... flat tire.. Oh well. Pulled out my extra tube and my co2.. Filled and got back on the road.. Pulled off and went to the bike shop that is just off the trail and picked up another tube and co2... Started off again and had to stop after running over some bumps that messed up my alignment on my back tire... Started YET AGAIN.. and flew up the trail stopping short of Medford by a little.

.: Coming home was nice. It was pretty much up hill the whole way but nothing horrible. And then, like a mile from my other flats, *thunk* *thunk*.... You have got to be kidding! Ok, I just went over some bad bumps and my tire was completely flat, maybe I just knocked air out. So I flagged another biker down and borrowed his pump so I didn't kill my co2 on a dead tire.. Didn't work. So I thanked the guy and pulled out my spare and fixed it up.. AGAIN... and got back on the road.

.: Made it home without any more issues.. 25 miles, 2 flats and a great ride later.. Screw the flats.. It was nice..